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KULA Softy 5

KULA Softy 5

Why’s everything gotta be so hard! 

Well, we’ve made it easier with the KULA Softy series. Yep, it’s still round...but now constructed with watertight, heavy duty softshell filled with badass insulation. With a watertight zipper, you can sling it around and it won’t leak a drop. But don’t let soft get you down, this baby still packs the goods and will keep them cold till the cows come home. From day tripper to the beach, to a sneaky afternoon in the office, the KULA Softy is sure to keep you satisfied. No messing around...


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It may be soft but it ain’t weak. This 840 Denier, Double TPU coated rip stop fabric will give even a Gator a run for its money in the tough department.

Badass Insulation

Badass® Insulation

We’ve cold tested the KULA for days in a bunch of different conditions and found that your ice will consistently outlast you in the heat.

Stash Pocket


A convenient place to store your ‘stash’, the pocket will stretch to fit a variety of different items. Less junk in your pockets!

Holy Molles

Holy Molles

We’ve included this MOLLE grid so you can attach whatever. From carabiners to knives we’re sure you’ll have plenty of options.

270 Hinge

270 Hinge

With a unique rear hinge design the KULA lid can open ‘all-the-way’ so that you can grab your drink from any side.

Sticky Feet

Sticky™ Feet

Raised feet help keep the softy from sliding all around.

Softy Sling Latch Points

Softy Sling Latch Points

We’ve attached plastic latch points for the Softy Sling (included) just in case you need a helping shoulder to carry the load..

The Damzip

The Damzip

As its name suggests, it can block some water. Whether going out or coming in, this Dam ain’t gonna leak.

Tote Handle

Tote™ Handles

Outfitted with multiple handles to grab-n-go, it can easily be transported with just one hand.

Large Capacity

Large Capacity

KULA makes the perfect companion for that backyard barbecue or pre-game tailgate party by toting plenty of beverages and food for all to enjoy.

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of the KULA, we back it with a 2 Year Limited Warranty.



KULA Softy Specifications


Outer Width 15.25 in.
Inner Width 12.75 in.
Outer Height 14.5 in.
Inner Height 11.5 in.
Volume 5 Gallons
Weight 4.5 lbs.


Gatorhyde 840 Denier, Double TPU Coated Rip Stop Fabric
Tote® Handles Nylon Webbing
Softy Sling Latch Points Nylon Plastic
Holy Molles TPU Nylon Webbing
Sticky™ Feet Molded EVA
Badass® Insulation EVA Foam
“Every now and then my cows get loose and run off. Like clock work they come home right about the time the ice in my KULA starts to melt. Couldn’t ask for more”