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What is the KULA 5 made of?
Ultra durable rotomolded plastic we call the Gatorshell™. It's so tough, it's been certified gator proof by the Gator Proof Alliance.
What makes the KULA so cool?
The KULA features our Badass™ insulation which helps keeps your ice icey for days at a time. Not only that, but it's round. This unique shape has a lot of benefits. Check out this page for more information.
How long will the KULA hold ice?
Well it varies by how many time you open the lid, but generally the ice in a KULA will last until the cows come home (5-7 days).
The Bottle Jaws™ on the front of the KULA are super awesome!
That's not really a question.
Does the KULA come in different colors?
Sure does, Seafoam, Grey, White and Tan. Other colors are in the works...stay tuned.
Why would I buy a KULA, I already have a cooler?
The KULA is more than a cooler, it's a life tool. You can use it for everything you might use a five-gallon bucket for, and then some. Let's name a few things...Step stool, campfire seat, bait well, cast net bin, rod holder, picnic basket, scallop bucket...and yes, a cooler.
How much does the KULA hold?
The KULA 5 holds approximately five gallons of whatever the hell you want.