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Keep it KŪLA

The KŪLA™ was designed to keep ice till the cows come home, but we also wanted to know if we could maximize the amount of time that takes. Here are some helpful tips we discovered...

  1. Start with cold stuff! Putting warm drinks and food into your KŪLA™ saps much of the energy that your ice uses to make it cold. The colder the stuff you are putting in, the longer the KŪLA™ will keep it that way!

  2. Cool your KŪLA™. Starting out with a warm KŪLA™ is just like starting out with warm food and drinks. If your KŪLA™ has been outside in the heat, cool it with water or even a sacri cial bag of ice. It’s best to store your KŪLA™ indoors so that when you need it, it’s ready to rock.

  3. Load your KŪLA™ properly. Start with ice at the bottom, then add your food and drinks, then add more ice. Allowing ice to contact your food and drinks from the top and bottom at the same time chills it down faster and is the “smart science” way to do it.

  4. Fill up any extra space in your KŪLA™...preferably with ice. Extra air circulating around your ice will cause it to melt faster.

  5. If you aren’t planning to put your ice into your drinks then sprinkling some rock salt on top of your ice actually increases how long it will last. The addition of salt upsets the balance between freezing and melting, causing your ice to become “super chilled”. Once you have some bevies from “super chilled” ice you will always want to cool your drinks this way.

  6. Keep the lid shut. Ever heard Mom shout, “Close the fridge door!” Every time you open the lid you exchange the cold air inside the KŪLA™ for the warm ambient air from outside, causing your ice to melt faster. We can’t really help ourselves from reaching for “another” (after another) but maybe you can...

  7. Keep the melt water. Don’t drain the excess melted ice water until you have pulled your last drink. Remember, ice melts faster when it is surrounded by air and the melt water actually lls up the extra space, helping your ice to last longer.

Squeeky Clean

Your KŪLA™ is constructed from the toughest components available but that doesn’t mean it won’t get dirty from time to time. Usually a thorough rinsing and wipe down with fresh water and a non-abrasive cloth will keep it looking great. For stubborn stains on the Gatorshell™ interior and exterior surfaces you can use a water and dish detergent solution along with a non-abrasive cloth or soft plastic scrub brush to remove any grunge. Avoid using any products that contain abrasives as they may permanently scratch or scour the glossy surface which we designed to shed dirt and germs. Certain organic liquids or dye’s (orange juice, ketchup, mustard, etc.) may permanently stain the Gatorshell™ surface but will not harm the integrity of the KŪLA™ or its ability to keep its contents ice cold.

Do not attempt to remove the refrigerator style lid seal, it has been permanently bonded to the lid so you will never lose it. Use the same type of water and dish detergent solution to clean the lid seal that you use to clean the Gatorshell™ surfaces of the bucket and lid.

The Lid Trax™ lid pad and Tote™ Handle are constructed from high quality, high density EVA foam and with proper care will last for many years. The nature of this material, although tough, is susceptible to damage by exposure to solvent based chemicals or prolonged direct UV exposure. When not in use we advise you to store your KŪLA™ in a covered area away from direct UV exposure. To clean the Lid Trax™ lid pad and Tote™ Handle we suggest a thorough rinsing and wipe down with fresh water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Always ensure your KŪLA™ is put away dry with the Tub Drain™ plug slightly loosened to allow air flow. Nothing is worse than opening the lid to a skanky, smelly KŪLA™ when you are getting ready to load up for your next adventure.